Monday, November 21, 2016

December 2016: EtsyMetal Blog Carnival
"The Safety Pin"
 When the subject of the "safety pin" came up in lieu of the recent happenings, those who wanted to participate made creative safety pins to show a icon of their beliefs. I can only speak for myself about my opinion about this "icon". But if you want to read others opinions you can go to the list at the bottom and read more if you wish!
So, thinking about this, I loved the sentiment of wearing this safety pin icon was a visual cue to show that you stood for love, compassion and kindness for all people. I have recently seen opposing views about what this pin stands for to others too. I am sorry that it may have a negative connotation or inclusive feeling for them. But I choose to feel the opposite.
I had someone point out to me that by wearing a pin, it said you were a xxx supporter... and that makes it a statement that it was choosing sides one way or another, which goes against what it stood for... I don't see this as completely true for me, but I do see their point, kinda. My personal intention is NOT political her or him, this or that. I was drawn to the aspect of showing one was in support of love, compassion and kindness. Simple and NOT reading anymore into it than that. NOT picking apart a small visual statement of positivity. I must think about this more and read more opposing opinions and views, it is very interesting the breakdown and interpretations of everyones views, but for now I choose positivity.
The Pin above was made just a few years ago, I have had hopes of revamping more versions of it before this was due to post, but have not had time, so here is my contribution for this blog carnival.
Have a lovely day and wear your pins proudly <3 font="">

To read more, these names below are the others participating in the EtsyMetal "blog carnival"
Laney Clark /Silentgoddess
Beth Cyr - blog
IG @bethcyrjewelry
Elise Worman EMW Metalworks
Cynthia von der Schmuckburg
Victoria Takahashi/Experimetal -
>Photo credits for above collage as follows:

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