Friday, February 26, 2010

It is time to let go

I seem to have this new habit of hoarding my own pieces that I make. I do not think it is necessarily a bad thing that I do this. But I do know it is not condusive for me to finacially keep most of them. I have analyzed over and over why.  I have come to the conclusion that they can be like my pseudo children, something that I put alot of energy and time into, and then to just stick a price on it and sell it really sucks for me. So while I may hoard way to often,  I actually do let go when I am good and ready to, is this normal? perhaps not, but who is normal really? I just need to spend a little time with them before I shove them off the high dive.
So next step is, [insert big scary music] sorting.  This step has taken me about a month to decide which ones I can part with in round one of my jewelry purging. (as my lovely organized sister calls it)
I decided I can keep the ones I will actually wear, or will hang on my wall as Art. I think I can live with this sorting method.
So the above photo shows the pieces I am letting go this round, and below are the listing links where they can be found, thanks for looking!
Season 2: Episode 9: Flower Power
Season 2: Episode 3: Blazing Color Orange
Season 6: Episode 10: Pick-a-Place
Season 6: Episode 11: Complimentary Look
Season 6: Episode 5: Newspaper
Season 6: Episode  6: Create a Character

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