Monday, March 28, 2011

Donations to KOBO for Japan

This piece was donated to KOBO of Seattle  for their "Artists for Japan"  Benefit Sale last weekend.
Yes I am a little slow in posting here, but I at least wanted to tell you of their wonderful news.
KOBO an the community raised over $86k from their benefit sale last weekend, and 100% went directly to the American Red Cross to help Japan! WOOOOOo!

The setup was very cool, the people picked out what they wanted and walked over to a station of computers and they made donations (for the art objects) directly to the Red Cross. It was a very smooth efficient process and it was very well organized.

I thank KOBO for hosting that event, the artists and community for joining together and for the generosity of everyone involved, I just want to say thanks for everyone working together to achieve the same goal, to help others in need, THANK YOU EVERYONE for a beautiful job!
Also donated were some buttons that my good friend Nakisha VanderHoeven drew. I donated the buttons and she made wonderful little white rabbit graphics. I wanted to let you know that Nakisha will be offering button packs with original artwork in her BlueDogRose Etsy shop soon, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Japan. I am hoping to also make some more bracelets/button packs to be donated as well (soon) I will keep you posted on our progress.

Another raffle held last week by another good friend named Diem Chau of TinyHaus. She has raised almost $7k from her raffle, donated to the Japanese Red Cross. I am so honored to be surrounded by good people! Go Diem Go! Thank you sister :)   And thank you all for reading!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A little bit of quartz, mmmm.

I was able to gather up and make a few goodies last week while I was completely overwhelmed with the news from Japan. As hard as it is for me to imagine their pain, fear and strength with dealing with this situation, I must pull myself from my own fear and sadness as I am actually finding myself getting a bit of anxiety and depression happening, my heart feels tight and I still in shock. I was able to make a handful of simple bracelets to collect donations for the American Red Cross, this kept me busy, feeling productive, and feeling like I am doing something to help, so I am going to continue making bracelets for donation this week as well, and will more than likely always have something in my shop now for donation to the Red Cross for the Japanese. I just do not know what else I can possibly do to help so I will make, blog, network as much as I can for now. 
Oh! And I need to shamelessly and proudly plug, that the EtsyMetal team is putting together a really neat raffle to collect funds and as of right now there will be a at least one spectacular charm bracelet for the cause. I will keep you posted as it gets more clearly defined.
Ok a few more mentions of more raffles I have heard of below! Please check them out :)

*ITEMS; please see each individuals shop for details:
BlueDogRose Original Paintings
Catherine Chandler
Shannon Conrad
Mark Kaplan
Konstanze of Nodeform
Kathryn Cole
Danielle Miller 
Chuck Domitrvich

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Please Help Japan!

I am sure you have probably heard about the recent natural disaasters that rocked Japan, and also now their not so natural disaster that is happening. I want to try and help in any small way I can. My heart is truly breaking for the people of Japan.

I have made some token of appreciation bracelets for sale in my Etsy shop.
All the proceeds from these sales (minus fees) will go straight to the American Red Cross.
Below are some of my friends and the things that they are offering to help fund Japans' Disaster Relief, THANK YOU !

3-17-11 "update"
I have run out of bracelets and have donated all your monies collected to the AMERICAN RED CROSS in the amt of $134.40! yay, thank you all so much! I will be adding new items in the next couple of days, please do not forget to check back, thanks!

3-17-2011 SEATTLE FUNDRAISER EVENT @ KOBO March 26 & 27!
If interested in donating artwork for sale please go to contact page.
OR if you want to just do some shopping for a great cause and aquire some beautiful new art, then go visit KOBO!  "100% of funds collected will go towards Japan aid."

Nakisha of BlueDogRose has created the bunny graphic above. She is selling the originals in her Etsy shop and all the proceeds are being donated. We also will both be offering 1.25" buttons of her bunny images soon.

Diem Chau if TinyHaus is having a raffle! Please see her blog for more information.
 2 family portrait sets are up for raffle!? And all the proceeds are going to disaster relief :)

Catherine Chandler is haviong a "Red Cross Sale" in her shop March 14-31. 10% off everything + $10 of every sale goes to the Red Cross.

Shannon Conrad from RubyGirl Is going to donate 20% of the sales of anything from my Kikyo Collection for the month of March. 

Mark Kaplan has three pairs of earrings and he is donating ALL the proceeds to either the american red cross or doctors without borders, buyers choose which...

Konstanze from Nodeform says through March 31st, I am giving 10% off rings from The FLOW collection and will be donating 10% of the sales of those rings to "Architecture for Humanity" for reconstruction efforts in Japan.
*Use coupon code FLOW10TSUNAMI to get your 10% off for all rings from the Flow collection only.

Kathryn Cole says 50% of the proceeds from the sale of my cherry blossom bangles and my cherry blossom rings will be donated, ALSO through March 31st, 25% of all other sales in my shop will be to the The Red Cross for disaster relief in Japan.

Danielle Miller has 100% of ALL OF THE PROCEEDS from these earrings will be donated to the American Red Cross: Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund.

Erga will be donating 50% of each sale of this specially made piece to a Japan relief fund for each necklace purchased.

Chuck Domitrovich of DownToTheWireDesigns is offering I am going to give ALL of the proceeds from these earrings to your choice of either Doctors Without Borders or the American Red Cross to help fund their efforts in assisting with the relief effort in Japan.

***Please be careful about internet fraud and donate only to reputable well known non-profit organizations***
*****THANK YOU!*****

    Charm Swap 7 has begun!

    Charm Swap 7 has begun and I am working on a articulated bird themed piece this round. I'm just working out all the little design kinks before I dive in and make the 22 pieces. It is a really exciting project for me to be involved in. The best part for me is the anticipation as we watch everyones charms start to evolve into mini works of art! And of course getting the package in the mail and opening the box and touching them all for the first time!
    Charms from Swaps 1,2,3,4,5, & 6!
    Above are the charms I have made so far for the 6 EtsyMetal team swaps. And below are the teams completed bracelets. Bracelets 1-4 are living in their new homes now and CS6 necklace/bracelet was just listed yesterday!  And CS5 Bracelet will also be listed soon!
    ALso if you want to keep up on the teams progress with me take a peek here!


    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    Ring-a-Day, The Aftermath.

    Well after making only about 215 rings out of 365 for this online challenge I was enlightened and I was a also bit relieved. Overall I believe in my heart that this was a fantastic learning experience for me and basically I really just had alot of pure darn fun exploring the many facets of what can be constituted as a ring!

    What does  a girl do with over 200 rings?

    She sells some.
    She trades some.
    She keeps quite a few.
    She gifts some to friends.
    She submits some for shows.
    She promos some for giveaways!!!
    She donates proceeds to animals foundations.
    She leaves them in random public places, just for fun.

     These pieces on the left are the ones that have been listed in my Experimetal Etsy shop, I will be slowly uploading most of them in small batches at a time.

    Some of my Ring-a-Day pieces will be featured in the Lark 30 minute ring book (launch April 2010) and Ring a Day project (I think the launch is fall 2011)
    I will have a small handful of these that will be in the Ring a Day show held at the Punch Gallery in Seattle, being held in conjunction with the Society of North American Goldsmiths(SNAG) Conference 2011.

    And also I have a few select pieces at the Facere Gallery in Seattle.

    So yes it has been an exciting year being involved with this project and I feel I have gained so much from participating in this worldwide online challenge, thank you to all who were so supportive and participated through out the year! Bravo!

    below are the direct links to the rings I listed today :)
    R1030 Little labbie, R1031 Little labbie, R1032 Bunny,
    R1033 Ladybug, R1034 Greenie, R1035 Moon eyes,
    R1036 Hans, R1037 Phallus.