Thursday, June 10, 2010

thank you....

" have waited quietly for so long... you teach me very valuable lessons...."

I just want to take a minute to appreciate all the patient, supportive and kind people in my life, as you are teaching me how to be patient, supportive and kind. All the nice things people have done for me, you’re teaching me how to be more giving to others as well. And the ones that are there for me when I really need to talk, (you know who you are) you make me feel emotionally safe and teach me also how to listen when others need to talk.

I am very grateful today for the wonderful people in my life and for all the things the universe has provided me with.
And I really just wanted to say,
"Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful day!"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blog Carnival: June 2010

"So what is a Blog Carnival you ask?”
It is a group of Etsy Metal members who write an article on the same topic on the first Monday of each month. 
June Topic: "Studio Mascots"  
"I am pleased to intoroduce you to some of my closest friends and confidants!"

This months topic wanted us to describe who if we had any studio mascots. Well of course I do...Doesn't everyone? The collection you see above is my view from my bench where I sit, they are on my window sill. There are more scattered about but these little ones I like to keep together as they can be a handful when they get in one of thier moods. They seem to get really excited if I am hammering alot and then they start to cliff dive. It is kinda funny but really annoying as they always get stuck and I have to stop what I'm doing and retrieve them or else they sit and cry! I think they like the attention, sigh.... Now the monkey on the left, boy is he a stinker. He was supposed to be adopted to a friend of mine but they never came to get him so he stayed with me and now I am kind of sorry  that I just didn't go and drop his bannana butt off on thier doorstep late at night. We have come to a manageable relationship now, but sometimes I swear!....

I seem to aquire alot of little friends, they find me when I go on walks, gifts from friends and strangers, and on my travels I always try and bring a new member home with me and many other mysterious ways they DO come into my like often and I welcome them always with open arms.

They watch over me when I work, they tell me stories, sometimes they even beg to be included in a piece I am working on, who am I to say no to one of my little friends. Sometimes I send them off to a friend in need of a little cheering up, or if they are really bad I will leave them possibly in a bathroom to be picked up by some naughty child at some random business , that will show em! This is thier purpose for me. Inspiration, secrets, smiles and companionship.

Have a great day and if your interested in reading more please see the EtsyMetal members blogs below!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stones & Bones Girl

stones ♥ bones

Hi! I just made a tiny batch of Stones & Bones last week. And was barely able to get them listed,  as my grumpy computer is being so difficult! I have been planning new ideas with new treasures and tools, working on my new destash-shop called ExperimeNtal and Spring gardening is here! So I am really excited at being busy! I am picking up lapidary equipment and an extra jewelry bench today (for my friends to come over and play with me) and something also very special that I am going to hold out on from telling anyone just yet!

I started my yearly Shiso (Green Perilla) plants and they are having a very slow start but I am very hopeful they will keep coming up as the conditions become more to thier liking. I may have made a mistake and used my 2008 seeds. I am aiming to have 30 plants this year, enough to share with my family and favorite sushi chefs in town.   If you are interested you can buy the seeds from the Kitazawa Seed Company. If you are in the Pacific Northwest area its not too late to start them still! It's so worth it if you love to eat Shiso. If you want to see my progress from previous years you can peek here. People say it is hard to grow, it is, but I suspect they just need patience and the perfect temperature conditions, and once it starts it grows fast! Also in Seattle you can find the seeds at Uwajimaya in the Spring time.

Bye for now and thank you for reading!
 I am "happily" running off to pick up my new tools and machines today!
"insert jumping for joy movement here!"