Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stones & Bones Girl

stones ♥ bones

Hi! I just made a tiny batch of Stones & Bones last week. And was barely able to get them listed,  as my grumpy computer is being so difficult! I have been planning new ideas with new treasures and tools, working on my new destash-shop called ExperimeNtal and Spring gardening is here! So I am really excited at being busy! I am picking up lapidary equipment and an extra jewelry bench today (for my friends to come over and play with me) and something also very special that I am going to hold out on from telling anyone just yet!

I started my yearly Shiso (Green Perilla) plants and they are having a very slow start but I am very hopeful they will keep coming up as the conditions become more to thier liking. I may have made a mistake and used my 2008 seeds. I am aiming to have 30 plants this year, enough to share with my family and favorite sushi chefs in town.   If you are interested you can buy the seeds from the Kitazawa Seed Company. If you are in the Pacific Northwest area its not too late to start them still! It's so worth it if you love to eat Shiso. If you want to see my progress from previous years you can peek here. People say it is hard to grow, it is, but I suspect they just need patience and the perfect temperature conditions, and once it starts it grows fast! Also in Seattle you can find the seeds at Uwajimaya in the Spring time.

Bye for now and thank you for reading!
 I am "happily" running off to pick up my new tools and machines today!
"insert jumping for joy movement here!"

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  1. unfortuneately that last batch of shiso did not make it I have about 9 plants that made it and bought one at a store :)
    Last night I started a whole new batch(3rd try now) of shiso with fresh 2010 seed, so we will see!
    oh, I also caught 10 slugs the other night. I think that may have been part of the problem as I caught some IN the baby shiso containers :/ yah, glad someone enjoyed them!
    wish us luck!