Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ring-a-Day, The Aftermath.

Well after making only about 215 rings out of 365 for this online challenge I was enlightened and I was a also bit relieved. Overall I believe in my heart that this was a fantastic learning experience for me and basically I really just had alot of pure darn fun exploring the many facets of what can be constituted as a ring!

What does  a girl do with over 200 rings?

She sells some.
She trades some.
She keeps quite a few.
She gifts some to friends.
She submits some for shows.
She promos some for giveaways!!!
She donates proceeds to animals foundations.
She leaves them in random public places, just for fun.

 These pieces on the left are the ones that have been listed in my Experimetal Etsy shop, I will be slowly uploading most of them in small batches at a time.

Some of my Ring-a-Day pieces will be featured in the Lark 30 minute ring book (launch April 2010) and Ring a Day project (I think the launch is fall 2011)
I will have a small handful of these that will be in the Ring a Day show held at the Punch Gallery in Seattle, being held in conjunction with the Society of North American Goldsmiths(SNAG) Conference 2011.

And also I have a few select pieces at the Facere Gallery in Seattle.

So yes it has been an exciting year being involved with this project and I feel I have gained so much from participating in this worldwide online challenge, thank you to all who were so supportive and participated through out the year! Bravo!

below are the direct links to the rings I listed today :)
R1030 Little labbie, R1031 Little labbie, R1032 Bunny,
R1033 Ladybug, R1034 Greenie, R1035 Moon eyes,
R1036 Hans, R1037 Phallus.

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