Tuesday, April 26, 2011

groupa coppera

 A new group of dark richly patinaed Copper pieces. I love Copper always have and always will continue to do so until the end of my days. And that is my final answer :)

I have listed 2 articulated crows from the Charm Swap 7, my little articulated bird charm prototype, a big Fight not Flight #3 ring, and my Ring a Day #363 small wing ring in my Etsy shop today.
I can finally free these things from my sweaty fisted death grip. Sometimes I just have to emotionally hang onto items for some mysterious reason. If anyone knows the answer to this phenomena please fill me in, I would love to be enlightened so I can change it. I find it kind of tiresome that I cannot let go and detach faster, especially since I am making them with the intent to share with others, doesn't quite make any sense now does it!?

"Have a great day everyone!"


  1. i am afraid i can't help you ...

    but, i can hold your hand along the way ~ WE are in the same boat TOGETHER!!!


  2. i think you help more than you realize by keeping me company in my little boat :)