Monday, July 2, 2012

Blog Carnival: July 2012

July 2012 Topic:
This month we were asked to share
"what is currently going on in our lives!"
2012 is a course altering year for me. I have come to the conclusion to make some changes for my future. I recently watched 2 dvd’s, “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and Forks over Knives”. These 2 innocent little dvd’s have started a domino effect of self-reflection and a new hunger for knowledge. Coincidentally this is happening at a perfect junction of my life. I am going through some physical changes and not feeling so hot, ok maybe “a lot of hot” excuse the pun, these changes are allowing me to open my eyes to seeing beyond my plate. If you feel inclined the first link below is the inspiring joyous dvd of one mans story, but I really highly recommend them all if you're feeling inspired!
Fat Sick and Nearly Dead trailer:
watch the FULL movie here!
Forks over Knives trailer:
The Future of Food trailer:
FOOD Inc. trailer:

On the creative front, I have found a new outlet! I discovered the joy of leather this year, and it feels like such a natural addition to my artwork. Both leather and metalwork feel very similar in a hand tool and intuitive forming aspect to me. On the same token I would also assume that if you are a leatherworker that fabricating metal would be just a natural transition for you as well. Ok, now I must confess to you that I am in love with it, ok I said it… Maybe it is really only puppy love, but I just love how a tanned hide smells, I love the sensual feel against my skin, I love its flexibility in my hands, I love its versatility and I do not forget to appreciate, honor and respect all the animals’ lives that it comes from...  I have no idea where this path will take me but I am going to enjoy every minute of the ride.
Jewelry news, this last year I got accepted into 3 publications;
All of which are published by Lark Books
and edited by the incredibly diverse Marthe LeVan.
I have been trying to take all the little thoughts and tid-bits that have been backing up in my brain and setting them free, I am making these pieces just for my Etsyshop. I have been making big earrings lately, and having a lot of pleasure making them so there will be more, I am not finished by any means with this run! So my Etsy goal is to try to be more consistent about listing these new pieces, and I have been a tiny bit better with this lately! I am finding a new clearer focus this year and thinking about where I actually want to go with my artwork. So many ideas so little time! I currently started fabricating a new group of work for Facere Gallery in Seattle that I am pretty excited about too, I am aiming delivery to the gallery for them very soon.

On the fur children front, my sweet Winter bear is still a squishy cutie face, Ms. Ebi is just as beautifully as sweet as ever and both are in good health. We have a new addition to the pack as of December 2011. Her name is Yuki. She is a 3yo brown-eyed white female Alaskan Klee Kai wild child! We are thinking about agility training for her as she has such a spritely spirit, we see great things in her future. We love this oh-so-goofy little girl! Go Yuki Go!  Ok well we mean, please slow down Yuki, please!
Speaking of babies, I also have a new camera in the family, a Nikon D90. Trying to understand what “F stops, apertures, ISO’s and all the secret settings mean… I will be slowly investigating all the many buttons and dials of this new wonderful toy, so I imagine there will be classes and lots of photos in my near future.
Garden front & back! We have added five cute garden boxes to our front yard this year. We are growing bush & snap peas, red & green shiso, mixed beets, curly kale, swiss chard, kohlrabi, tomatoes, lettuce, arugula, and tree collards, basil, mint, parsley, and artichokes. We have planted brussel sprouts & broccoli along the whole front yard that will hopefully make a wonderfully green prehistoric looking fence in front of the house. It is a bit of an fun experiment to see what will happen! And in the back we have loads of elephant garlic and regular garlic, garlic chives, chives, more shiso, and icicle radish. We just cut the  elephant garlic scapes off and have been eating their tasty goodness :) 
So this summer will be spent tending the garden, time with my family, playing and training the dogs, making new jewels, tooling lots of leather, sketching on beaches, long walks with my camera, relaxing with books and eating lots of fresh delicious foods while inventing new recipes which I plan on sharing these discoveries with you (here) as well!
Thank you for taking the time to take a peek at what I’ve been up to.
Until next time!
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  1. Vic, WOW!!! I have watched Fat, Sick and nearly Dead at least 6 times. It chanaged my life! Between that and CrossFit, I am good to go. Oh, and don't worry... those nuclear hot flashes will eventually disipate. I know...

  2. Ok, first I am extremely jealous of your garden!!!!!!!
    I don't have time today to look at those videos, but I will soon. I've been wanting to watch the forks and knives one... HBO has a series called 'Weight of the Nation' -- really good and eye opening. I really like the book 'Deadly Harvest' by Geoff Bond. It's very extreme, but I'm slowly starting to follow his recommendations and seeing changes in me!
    Congratulations on all the publications!!! Very exciting and well-deserved! Also, on the Facere pieces! Do you have any advice on how to approach galleries?

    And your new baby is a sweety! My nephew has a husky puppy and I wanted to bring her home with me... my husband didn't!

  3. Wow, congratulations on getting published! I've been loving your big earrings. And your new doggy is soooo pretty. Your dogs are all so good-looking!

  4. rebecca, yah I just watched it again and its very inspiring, I will check out what cross-fit is ;)

    evelyn! Thanks! I will check out the series Weight of the Nation and Deadly Harvest, thank you for the links! I am just soaking up all this good/bad fascinating information out there, theres so many layers to digest literally!
    *pm me if you want to talk shop ever ;)

    Sweet Bik Bik! Thanks for the congratulations,and Yuki-san is very pretty, shes actually pretty small compared to the other two and fiesty! hee hee....

  5. Your life looks dang good from here - productive and soulful!! Xoxo

  6. hey Allisunny! Smooch!

    I am listening to YOUR CD right now as I write! I love it so, thankyou friend!

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