Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monthly Challenge: January 2010

This months theme was "Haiku!"
The Etsy Metal Team January Challenge was to make a piece that is inspired by the Haiku below, and to then write your own Haiku that was inspired from the piece you just made!

of a fallen leaf saddened
in springs warm embrace"

new growth with scents of changes
yet to come our way"

"I fabricated this piece from Sterling Silver, some dried little plants and some faux grass clippings. When I oxidized the Sterling Silver it ended up having this beautiful greenish luminescent hue to it, which was also then enhanced by the Resin.
It reminds me of a tiny little dream scape scene of a place in time where you could sit quietly and think, I imagine a gentle crisp breeze that carries the scents of the freshness of Spring coming..."

The next Etsy Metal Monthly Challenge is:
February: "Garnet & Valentines!"

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