Monday, April 5, 2010

Blog Carnival: April 2010

"So what is a Blog Carnival you ask?”
It is a group of Etsy Metal members who will collectively write an article on a monthly subject. Blog Carnival happens the first Monday of each month.

April's topic:
 The Creative Process:
"How do you plan and organize for design?”
I think this month’s topic is closely related to last months for my particular style of creative process. I am highly influenced visually by shape and overall feel. I do not think I organize in any particular way.

I can share with you what I’ve been thinking about for this last week’s project and how it is manifesting. Last week I wanted to design a crab claw ring. My muse is this beautiful crab claw in the picture above, and forgive me if one of you my dear friends have given this to me and I do not mention you, please speak up as I have misplaced where it came from, but I do know it is the only specimen I have of this crab breed. And perhaps I even ATE this particular claw myself.

OK, so for starters, I will mention I am a little bit of a pack rat. I collect it’s and bits constantly just like a little Bower bird. I collect them not to attract a mate but to create! So moving on, I just love-love-love this particular claw. I love its shape, its being. This is where it starts. I usually will not cut cardboard models out unless I cannot solve a problem with a function I want it to have.
So as I was making a mock up for the movement of this piece I saw how beautiful again the simple silhouette of this form would make for my 365 Ring-a-Day (RAD) project. I thought I could catch 2 birds with one net. And use the progress of building these rings in steps for my RAD project and Blog Carnival. SO for this project ultimately I will be making the pinchers pinch, 2 versions to come hopefully for this Tuesday and Wednesdays RAD rings. I will post them here when finished.

So this is pretty much how it is for me. I live in the moment with my designs and I more than always will sketch it out if it’s a little more intricate than normal. Sketching helps me take ideas and work them into wear ability regarding comfort, balance, functionality and feel. I figure if I am going to put effort into something I want to make sure I am on the right path of my desired outcome. As I’m sure it is with all my metalsmith and artistic friends, things can change at any given point and that’s the magnificent part of creating. So I am open to looking for new ideas while I create and may stray from the original concept to find something that catches my fancy, I am very in the moment spontaneous creativity. I cannot say I am organized in the least bit, in fact I am severely scattered and have a secret wish to be a little bit better organized someday.

*we were also asked for a studio shot of our work area, so here it is in its messy glory!
Thank you for reading tidbits of my brain thoughts, I hope you could relate or get something useful from it!

 Below are the participating EtsyMetal bloggers, and see how they tackled the question!


  1. I LOVE your workspace. Thanks for this peak into your are all helping me get over my ginormous creative block. Thank you!

  2. Vic I just loved the picture of your studio! As messy as it should be, the red wall is fantastic and that chalkboard great! And you certainly have an impressive selection of tools! I enjoyed reading about your process, I felt I could relate to that

  3. THIS is messy? Are you serious???!! Heavenly workshop. Thanks for the insights!

  4. thanks you gals!
    I actually cleaned it this week because it got soooo bad I couldn't even think when I walked in, so I would just walk on out.
    Doesn't make for getting anything done does it!?
    (oh and I cleaned my office too!)
    all is well now, and I have no excuses anymore, back to work for me!