Friday, April 23, 2010

setting them free....

Alas! I must admit I am having (just a wee tiny bit) fun letting the children leave the nest. It is quite liberating to watch them fly on to their new lives! 2 of these pieces are from the Season 6 EtsyMetal Project Runway Jewelry Challenge. All these pieces will be available in my Experimetal Etsy shop! And if you like what you see, you can view a few more trinkets over on Flickr, I try and post them there before they go to the big orange Etsy. oh pssst~ I sell exclusively on Etsy at this time, no where else.
Thank you for all the kind words and support you all have share with me!

N893  "Iconic" Australia Season 1: Episode 5
This week’s challenge was to make an Iconic statement from the 60-70's era. I had just recently seen a couple of huge smiley faces around town and was starting to see them everywhere that week, haunting me in fact! On tire covers and wine bottles!? So I knew it must be a sign from the metal gods to make a giant un-smiley emoticon that week! On the reverse concave side it is a sad smiley. I am very guilty of overusing the emoticon, and try to limit my use, but I can't seem to shake the habit obviously! So this piece is almost 3.5" across, Copper, Enamel, leather and Sterling Silver.

N894  "The Getty" Season 6: Episode 12
This piece was interpreted from a Bronze medallion called "Disk with a Bird" in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Our challenge was to find something that spoke to us and to make our interpretation of the piece of art.
This is made of Copper and Sterling Silver. It is a hollow for which is approximately 1/4" thick. The bird rocks back and forth and his 3 layered little wings swing around as well. The medallion part spins freely. It hangs from a heavy Sterling chain.

N895 "Pop-Challenge!" Season 6: Pre-Finale
OH the pain! This week on the Project Runway challenge all our EtsyMetal Designers took a consensus and asked for an extra week postponement as they were up to their eyeballs in metal, they were working on their mini-collections and needed more time. Heh-heh but as a penalty (and so we had something to post on the blog) we were asked to do a "pop-challenge" for that week. The challenge consisted of making a piece out of limited materialsand only 48 hours!
1 x 2" of Sterling or Copper
3' of wire
So I made a Sterling Silver pendant which captures a steel ball bearing that spins inside, it is about 1" across with a rough hewn patina. As you can see I was able to keep within my material constraint! It was very fun to have limitations!

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