Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Ahhh, the mornings at my place have been wonderfully quiet and very productive! and my cup fulleth of creamy coffee...  I have been trying to switch over to an earlier schedule, as I think this may relieve that sense of not enough time in the day. On one hand I love to sleep, morning sleep to exact, the sleepy warm snuggly cozy drunken slumber in and out of consciousness is my bliss...  Another pro is being up early I accomplish a lot more in a day and feel quite proud of myself, so is the self worth better than the self indulgence? Ok so of course there is the con side. I also love to be up in the late evening as the world is quiet and there is no reason for me to leave the house, no pressure to have to run errands, it's lovely. But since I can't have it both ways I will keep on trying out this new early thing.
But right now as I write I am being really naughty, I am up again in the late evening hopefully not sabotaging my new schedule!  OK, I am so excited I just had to post. I have been very productive and have been making earrings and having alot of fun! I wanted to let you all know they are now in my Etsy shop.
I miss feeling this sense of accomplishment. I think I was feeling a tiny bit blue this winter season, but finally I am feeling more energized and happy as the days are brighter, warmer, longer and the sun is starting to shine again, spring is here and the planting is about to begin!
Hello Spring!


  1. WOW! You have been productive. How early are we talking here?

  2. i have LOVED watching your RAD experience, but have missed your *other* stuff.. it does feel good, doesn't it???

  3. hi you guys!
    Ashley: well early as in up at 8am!
    TOday was not so good, i was up and at it bout 930 :/ darn late night!

    VisionQuest: thanks! and yes it does feel good, I have been missing making things, so in a good way it made me appreciate the other stuff right? :)

  4. I was inspired by this post to try to create in the mornings too! I've been a night owl for a long time, so it will be hard. But I really think it would be a good change for me.

  5. riv, i have slipped a little, but today is monday and Im back on track!
    How is it going for you?