Saturday, May 8, 2010

somethings old, somethings new, adieu~adieu!

~Adieu Adieu a sweet farewell to you~
As another week goes by another group of goodies are leaving the nest. And I as well am leaving the nest to fly across the country to see a beautiful little place called Elmira.
 I will keep my Etsy shop open, but will stop shipping from May 11th to the 20th and will resume any shipping on the 21st. Thank you so much for your support and happy words!

N908 "I'm So Blue"
Project Runway Challenge
Season 6: Episode 7: "Blue"
"Blue" was created for a EtsyMetal Jewelry Challenge. Our challenge that week in October 2009 was to make a piece of jewelry that incorporated the color blue in it somehow. This is a found blue feather that I bound onto a piece of enamelled cooper with a fine silver scroll design. Then I made a fine Silver bezel and used a piece of slide glass and carefully set it on top to honor the creature who wore this feather. Read more here...

N909 "True Love"
Project Runway
Season 7: Episode 4:
"Design Your Heart Out"
This weeks EtsyMetal jewelry challenge was about The American Heart Association, they asked the designers to design gown to be worn at an AHA and Campbell’s sponsored social function. Therefore, we asked our designers to make a piece of jewelry using "the heart" as inspiration.  I decided to try and make a classic antiqued Valentine style, with a modern twist. I pierced and cut out the base design from the Copper sheet, then I made the heart, I cut and formed its puffy shape. I then torch fired enameled a rough-hewn surface on the entire piece, then placed all the components in their place. Oh and on the back there is a secret Sterling Silver "true love" hand stamped. Read more here...

E910 "Raggedy Ann's"
Project Runway
Season 7: Episode 2:
"It's all about the Burlap"
This challenge was a crazy one for me. I was quite stumped by this material. I managed to squeak out barely in time a small pair of earrings for this challenge and I now affectionately call the Raggedy Ann's. They Burlap is bound in between Sterling discs with thread and the edges were dipped in dye. They hang from simple fabricated Sterling ear wires. Read more here... 
R911 "Torri Gate"
This little guy is a special piece. It originated from the Ring-a-Day project. I cannot spill all the beans yet, but this was special prototype. It is made of 12 gauge Sterling Silver band, a 4 gauge Copper rod, and has been oxidized to an antiqued finish. I call it Torri gate as the form reminds me of all the iconic shapes of Asian temples and gates...

N912 "I've got a heart on for you"
This little red enameled heart is on a delicate Sterling chain. It has little glass beads that have been torch fired and fused to the surface. You may have remembered using this slumping technique when you were in summer camp?  

N913 "Meow"
I made kitty jewelry for my veterinarian at one time. I have never worn it, but saved it in my keeps box. I do not have a kitty anymore, so I was hoping she could be adopted to a good home and get the love she deserves. She is made from black frosted seed beads on beadalon wire with a handmade Sterling clasp. The Sterling pendant has a domed back with a sitting kitty silhouette.

E914 "Flowered"
I was just playing like I like to do and made these upside down Sterling Silver flowers. They will simply swing and shimmer lightly from your luscious lobular lobes.
Tee hee hee ok I am being silly now, but you get the idea!

E915 "Slinky"
These earrings have 5 delicate rings soldered to each side. They have a shiny gunmetal finish on the Sterling Silver. There are 2 generous drops of clear Quartz hanging from each.
E916 "Cluster"
More drops of the clear Quartz that I love so much, they remind me of liquid and I just love how they can illuminate and feel so watery! These have chain bits w rings on the ends to add fun and bunchiness to them.
They have a shiny gunmetal finish on the Sterling Silver.

 N917 "A Bird in the Hand"
I love birds. I love the proverb that is associated with this piece. It is basically saying, be happy with what you already have.
I am forever grateful for my life and the special people in it. This is a great reminder for me to be thankful. It is a Copper bird with 2 leaves that stand for "2 birds in a bush"  on a oxidized Sterling Silver chain.

N918 "Wings"
To  fly with to be free to walk as light as air...These are my favorites this week. The chunkiness of shape, the blend of silver added with the Turquoise just make me very happy. These are Sterling Silver and Turquoise. 
This piece I would have to say is my antonym-interpretation of something feminine, delicate and clean otherwise known as a doily. It is fabricated of Copper and Sterling Silver which has been oxidized for this lovely ancient antiqued look.


  1. Your work is interesting and unusual, Victoria. I enjoyed viewing your work.

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  3. studio sylvia, thank you, and thanks for visiting :)