Thursday, July 8, 2010

"getting a bit caught up"

"...and having way too much fun in the process..."

Ahhhhhhh... today is beautiful, sunny and hot! a pleasant surprise as I have not been watching much TV if any lately. I have been working hard and making lots of goodies for friends, my Etsy shop and I also just started back up doing a new WOA jewelry challenge with my EtsyMetal street team. I am feeling all charged up a bit lighter and a bit happier today, the sun does wonders for my spirit!
1. N928 , 2. E932, 3. R926 , 4. B927, 5. Not available, 6. B931, 7. E929, 8. B927 B931 shown worn, 9. N930

Above are some new pieces I will be added to my Etsy shop today!
Have a beautiful day my friends!