Saturday, August 7, 2010

Project Runway: Season 1: Episode 1:

Oh here we are again for Project Runway Season 8!
 We hear it is going to be a very emotional dramatic season per the gossip forums, and I hope hope hope the challenges are more like the older PR seasons, more wacky wacky please! I will be crossing my fingers every week! SO, a little birdie gave us (EtsyMetal team) a heads up on what the first challenge was going to be, so it gave us 2 extra weeks to prepare. On the show, the challenge was to:
"The designers must use a garment from another designer's suitcase to create a new look." SO we had members sign up and submit scrap metal they wanted to give up and we drew names. We traded and we all gave new life to someone elses scrap, we recycled their garbage into new wonderful pieces of jewelry! I will be blogging for the team as all the pieces roll in and I will add a link here as soon as it is done.

I drew jewelry designer Kira Ferrer, she gave me 3 water casting drops and 2 panels of sheet with soldered wire on it. I didn't have a game plan at all before I started and was hoping the pieces would reveal themselves to me. I took her water drops and smashed them with a hammer to start the flattening process, then I put them into my rolling mill to get a smooth uniform finish. When I pulled them out I saw very unique beautifully inspiring patterns! I then held them and pondered for a long time. I then thought I would bezel set them. I made the bezels and then it all slowly fell into place, I just kept seeing flowers, I wanted them to be a set, so I kept all the concept the same but worked with each as an individual. I am very happy with how they came out. I also have started on the 2 panels she gave me, they will be earrings and I will post them here as soon as they are finished :) 
 "Oh My God, It's a Double Rainbow"
earrings are done!
Two pairs! I sawed apart the panels Kira gave me and I have had that hilarious video from YouTube on my mind since I saw it, I sit and giggle evreytime I hear it in my head, so to honor him and make perfect use of Kira's scrap I made these earrings! I hope you watch the video, it takes a bit to load but it is really funny, supposedly he is not on any drugs, hard to believe but makes it even more cuter than ever than! here is the video link to... "Oh My God, It's a Double Rainbow"

NEXT weeks Episode 2: "Larger than Life!"
*see My Lifetime video here.
The Project Runway Challenge: The designers were asked to create a look that defines the Marie Claire woman. The winning look will be featured on a "billboard" in Times Square.
The EtsyMetal Translation: To make a mini billboard, use a base of 1 x 2" inches of any material and build your piece on or around this rectangle shape!
See you next week! Thanks for visiting my blog :)


  1. They are really beautiful you did an excellent job.

  2. thanks kitkat, it was a difficult challenge for me, but I just hammered and went with what it wanted to be, sometimes ya just gotta go for it I am finding :)

  3. You did an amazing job on this!! The double rainbow earrings... fabulous! Imagine double rainbows guy's reaction if he saw them.

  4. Beautiful...wonderful transformation!!!

  5. thank ladies!
    this was a fun challenge and a great exercise for sure :) difficult but satisfying!