Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog Carnival: September 2010

"So what is a Blog Carnival you ask?”
It is EtsyMetal members who write an article on the same topic on the first Monday of each month.
September Topic: Back To School

Where did you go to school? "Seattle."
Are you still a student? "Always, I am a student of life."
What kind of student were/are you? "Excellent."
If you had the opportunity to go back to school, would you? "Eagerly"
Where would you study? "Wherever it took me."
What would you study? "One of my main passions and curiosities would lead me towards an artistic creative education like graphic design,  product development, painting, sculpting and fashion design. Other top choices would include archeology, astronomy, science, ethology and psychology. If you know me I am a question ask-er, constantly asking and wondering "why" things are, so I think this is why the science aspect is so interesting to me. There are  many more "art and creative" interests I have but these were the first that came to mind. 
Sorry this months blog carnival post is a bit short! I REALLY love what I do now and I feel secure that I would not have any problems finding another outlet if I felt the need to expand, but at the present I am happy and satisfied and not done exploring my current love.Thanks for checking in!

Below are other EtsyMetal members thoughts about school!