Monday, March 28, 2011

Donations to KOBO for Japan

This piece was donated to KOBO of Seattle  for their "Artists for Japan"  Benefit Sale last weekend.
Yes I am a little slow in posting here, but I at least wanted to tell you of their wonderful news.
KOBO an the community raised over $86k from their benefit sale last weekend, and 100% went directly to the American Red Cross to help Japan! WOOOOOo!

The setup was very cool, the people picked out what they wanted and walked over to a station of computers and they made donations (for the art objects) directly to the Red Cross. It was a very smooth efficient process and it was very well organized.

I thank KOBO for hosting that event, the artists and community for joining together and for the generosity of everyone involved, I just want to say thanks for everyone working together to achieve the same goal, to help others in need, THANK YOU EVERYONE for a beautiful job!
Also donated were some buttons that my good friend Nakisha VanderHoeven drew. I donated the buttons and she made wonderful little white rabbit graphics. I wanted to let you know that Nakisha will be offering button packs with original artwork in her BlueDogRose Etsy shop soon, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Japan. I am hoping to also make some more bracelets/button packs to be donated as well (soon) I will keep you posted on our progress.

Another raffle held last week by another good friend named Diem Chau of TinyHaus. She has raised almost $7k from her raffle, donated to the Japanese Red Cross. I am so honored to be surrounded by good people! Go Diem Go! Thank you sister :)   And thank you all for reading!


  1. so PROUD of you for all you are doing!

    you are one of the most caring and giving people i know ~ and that's why i love you so ...


  2. That ring is amazing! Congratulations on being part of what sounds like a great event!