Saturday, March 19, 2011

A little bit of quartz, mmmm.

I was able to gather up and make a few goodies last week while I was completely overwhelmed with the news from Japan. As hard as it is for me to imagine their pain, fear and strength with dealing with this situation, I must pull myself from my own fear and sadness as I am actually finding myself getting a bit of anxiety and depression happening, my heart feels tight and I still in shock. I was able to make a handful of simple bracelets to collect donations for the American Red Cross, this kept me busy, feeling productive, and feeling like I am doing something to help, so I am going to continue making bracelets for donation this week as well, and will more than likely always have something in my shop now for donation to the Red Cross for the Japanese. I just do not know what else I can possibly do to help so I will make, blog, network as much as I can for now. 
Oh! And I need to shamelessly and proudly plug, that the EtsyMetal team is putting together a really neat raffle to collect funds and as of right now there will be a at least one spectacular charm bracelet for the cause. I will keep you posted as it gets more clearly defined.
Ok a few more mentions of more raffles I have heard of below! Please check them out :)

*ITEMS; please see each individuals shop for details:
BlueDogRose Original Paintings
Catherine Chandler
Shannon Conrad
Mark Kaplan
Konstanze of Nodeform
Kathryn Cole
Danielle Miller 
Chuck Domitrvich

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  1. Wonderful, Vic! We are doing a RAW challenge of donation rings for Japan in a month, check the discussion board. Thank for all that you are doing! xxoo