Sunday, December 30, 2012

Brooch-a-Day Challenge 2013!

"a pin as a pin"
I picked up this tiny pin in the 80's from who knows where...
"Challenge: make one Brooch-a-Day, any material, for 365 days."

Taking a deep breath to calm my nerves as I sit here thinking about joining in another 365 day project. As you might not know, a group of fellow artists and metalsmiths worldwide from Flickr and EtsyMetal joined together in 2010 and made a ring-a-day (RAD) a small handful actually made the 365 rings, I myself only made 215 of 365 rings and I very seriously bow down and praise those who did completed the entire year, it was challenging to say the least.  It was a love/hate experience, I wished I had blogged and journalled my journey with thoughts about creativity, the perseverance and determination, the friendships created, and about the community and camaraderie found. An amazing aspect is this was all held online, and then to top it all off like a cherry on a dessert there was a physical show at the Punch Gallery in Seattle at the SNAG  2011 conference and there was also a book published by Lark Books and edited by Marthe LeVan, it was all an amazing experience to be a part of.

All righty, so now I have decided to join in on the Brooch-a-Day (BAD) 2013 challenge. What this means is I will make one brooch on every day of 2013 (crossing fingers). I plan to blog here weekly, keep a personal journal for the year and make and post the brooches daily to the BAD 2013 Flickr group. I am looking forward to it but feel very tentative in the commitment dept, I remember how hard it was sometimes to make a ring-a-day, and also failing at 365 self-portrait a few years too!? But! I have a new plan of attack for this one. I am aiming to make simple fun studies out of materials like found objects, paper and glue for 6 of the days and on the last day of the week plan make a substantial piece. Ok, well that's the plan and we will see where this adventure takes me, as I am not putting any limitations on myself this round, I think too many boundaries make it harder than it really needs to be, I just want to have fun, be creative and laugh!

top left: Cybernacle brooch 2011
top right: My first I ever made before I had jewelry tools! 1992
bottom left: Beachstone brooch 1998
bottom right: Pod brooch 1994?
So, for fun I looked around my drawers and gathered some Brooches and Pins I have collected over the years. And surprisingly I do not have many at all, these last few years I have just started to even consider wearing them more, it makes me wonder if it is an age thing? Or maybe I am just cold all the time now so I wear scarves and sweaters and a scarf and fibers are more canvas for wearing art? hmmm, I will think about this more in the days to come :) 

I do not actively go out looking for things in general, the things I collect and save come to me and say take me home, but now brooches are on my radar and I am open to wearing them so I have a strong suspicion I will be wearing and owning quite a few more brooches this year! Have fun peeking at my humble simple collection :)

Bug pins!
I had the most fabulous realistic giant spider pin at one time, I was so sad when I realized he was gone, he would sit perched on the back of my shoulder, hmmmm....I must find another, or perhaps make myself a new one?
Japanese Tin Pins
I love these simple pins, the top 2 pins on the right I purchased new, the others are vintage.
I cannot tell the difference? 

Thomasin Durgin gifted me this beautiful 1960's Enamelled Peruvian brooch.
Janos Gabor Varga gifted me this handmade Filagree brooch made by his friend Bongera Filigrana.
My niece Aji-san makes these sweet flower pins which she tidily and carefully sews an piece of felt on the back so you can slip out the safety pin and add a bobby pin so it can dual as a hair "pin"!
Then there's Mr. Bunny given to me by my talented friend Lisa to make me smile, it works!
And last but not least this sweet handsewn felt heart made by another uber talented friend Diem.
Thrift & Antique shop finds.
*Bare Dancing by Cavin Richie 2000.
Brass Eye, not signed.
Half-Fast badge.
Pin pin.

*I have to mention the odd bear pin was my latest purchase last week. My friend saw it in a shop last summer and we took pictures and laughed so hard as it was so funny at the time. I went for a visit back last week and it was still there! SO with the BAD challenge coming up I thought why the heck not, its definitely a conversation piece. I am fixin' to call Mr. Cavin up and ask him the story to this brooch, he writes a bit about it on his website but I am curious for more of the story now.
SNAG scatter pins 2011
Sara Westermark "lute"
Norsola Johnson "flaming heart"
Maureen Brusa Zappellini "shell button"
The pins above I received for the style of pins I made below. I wasn't able to go to the pin swap party, but I was luckily able to still see a few acquaintances around town and the gallery walks. I made a batch of 30 vintage Ivory brooches and happily gifted them away all weekend!
I kept these three below :)
"handmade vintage ivory tongue brooches"
 Well I must sign off and rest as the new year is approaching quickly, we have a big year ahead of us and I plan to try my hardest to focus and stay focused on my creative tasks ahead. I hope I can inspire others to make things and to just sit down and play, experiment & explore! I am hopeful and excited for many new discoveries in 2013, mainly personal ones and hopefully very adventurous ones!

Please take care and be safe this new year's eve 
and I will see you in 2013 with my first BAD brooch!


  1. Great post! can't wait to see your first one, exciting times! :D

  2. daily challenges are rigorous but definitely have their benefits...
    brooches are just a great way to showcase a small scale art piece - calder made lots of them... yours are going to be masterful as everything you make is...
    happy new year - wishing you love, peace, joy and abundance!

  3. hi Lou! yes very exciting it is, I actuall look forward to the task so far every day, we will see how long the honeymoon phase lasts, hee hee....

    hi marie! yes again there is alot of mental and time challenges attached to this one. Thankyou ad happy new year to you as well :)

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