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Blog Carnival: December 2015

I am a collector of my own inspiration.
Topic: "Inspiration"

Something as simple as this power cable above can set me on a creative journey. We do not have to use everything we see, we unconsciously will build a collection in our brain file. My secret is that this is now filed in my brain journal and it might get added at some point or I can just enjoy it simply for its beautiful shape, there is an overabundance in this world to use as inspiration, it really is about how you interpret it! 

Inspiration for me comes in every breathing moment of my day. It never ends and is always a factor in anything I see that visually stimulates me. Sometimes it may be a bit of a hindrance as it never shuts off and it can be a bit of a problem when I am out of the house. Thrift shopping, on my walks(always dawdling along stopping touching things taking pictures, picking up leaves and bits for example. But my life's passion to create things, really is dependent on being creative and my happiness so really it is a blessing!
Inspiration can come from people, places & things. I am inspired by people who are driven, honest, compassionate, open, sense of humor & that are educating and challenging themselves to become better people and grow. These are the beautiful people who inspire me! I aspire to be more like them. They become inspiration for me to become a better person. I am always trying to understand myself and change the things I do not like about myself, it's very hard work to face and change some ingrained habits since childhood, but I am determined to never stop trying! And Yes I usually have a therapist in my life and I am grateful for it!
Places, whether they be trips or cultures definitely have a very strong impact on my senses. The ocean for example is a place for me to meditate and lose city lights and pressures. My mind can let go and take its own vacation of sorts. I can sit with a clear mind and let the ideas be my focus and then they get to grow in a different environment.
Maybe it is a bit of the isolation & tactileness when I go visit the beach that can keep me focused on relaxing (which is good thing!) I sit and run my hands through the rocks, nap on the beach, take short hikes, read, sketch, write and just breathe in the fresh ocean air. Its a luxury that fuels me up. And I am way overdue for my little yearly trip.... hmmm.
Cultures, and people of other lands always fascinate me, there's always such a different distinct view and beauty of the world. The storytelling and history comes in forms of their design, it shapes their aesthetic with a deep rich flavor. This is a fascinating inspirational source for me!
Things, can be literally anything! objects, plants, news, architecture, shades of contrast, poetry.... When I use Objects to work with, it is of course something I already like for whatever reason, so I pick it up and roll it around in my fingers, I really try to think outside the box of connections, layout and wearability. I also try to imagine manipulating it if and whenever possible to an even better personal aesthetic. Lately for example, I have been wanting to make boxes to hold these objects whether I change them or not. But most importantly I want them to be able to be taken out and touched. I have also come to a shocking realization (duh) that I cannot take all these trinkets with me when I die, so I must use them now, currently and keep using. I have been saving these things for the right time and I believe it is now! I do not think I am a narrative artist in any way shape or form, I feel I do not have a category, I feel I tend to be more in the moment in my inspired pieces, I get an urge and there I go. I am definitely drawn to organic things like, sticks, stones, bones & non-traditional materials. I love ANIMALS, but birds are a major key player in my inspiration dictionary. Certain shapes and curves, especially curves on bones, certain shades of colors, mostly neutral earthy tones, but secretly Magenta, Fuchsia, Violet & Eggplant are my favorite colors.
I think I have fallen off topic. There is no right or wrong way to create, but obviously it start with inspiration at the core, from your mind and materials. I strive very hard to not be influenced and I always try to make up my own way of doing things. Of course there are certain rules in my metalsmithing category that must be heeded but if I can break them, I try! Although, I think it is good for "me" to have boundaries in which to create, otherwise I can get a lot of scattered. Too many ideas syndrome, it actually hurts my head. I also have to be very careful to edit my own pieces as I go. I get a bit excited and want to do more, but this is not good usually, less is more for me now in most instances. As I grow older I also am changing, my inspirations and style is evolving which is healthy. I rarely make the pieces I really love over, ( I am very sorry to the people who ask for this service)I like to move on and feel the power when the new inspiration hits, that is my adrenaline hit.
If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them, just leave a note in the comments below. Thank you for reading, not sure I was able to fully focus on the inspiration aspect as much as I wanted but for now it will have to suffice as I am running late submitting my article! Happy, hopeful, lots of love & peaceful wishes to all you makers an other lovely souls for the new year! Until 2016! 
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  1. boy, I'm with you on the too many ideas syndrome! I also love having some boundaries and not repeating designs.

    1. I agree Andrea, I love your artwork and fan feel your dedication and passion in it too. You are one of the inspirational people in my life :)

    2. I agree Andrea, I love your artwork and fan feel your dedication and passion in it too. You are one of the inspirational people in my life :)

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  3. Wonderful post, Victoria! Enjoyed reading it immensely, especially the part about too many ideas being an obstacle to the artistic process. Also about repeating designs. Love your work :-)