Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blog Carnival: May 2010

"So what is a Blog Carnival you ask?”
It is a group of Etsy Metal members who write an article on the same topic on the first Monday of each month.
May Topic: "Motivation"
This is a huge topic. Not as innocent as it seemed to be when I said, oh, this will be an easy one... not.
I will be attacking this with a who what and where approach.
Ok, let the soul searching begin!

1. Who:  I think about the question of who, I come to the realization it is not only me and my inner need to make things, conquer design puzzles and to find an appealing solution to find visual balance. It is also to receive validation from my family and friends from a job well done; the people who's opinions mean so much to me. This is "the who” that I work for besides myself.

2. Why: Because it is the only thing that I love to actually do, my art. I love to make things, to create. It is my only real passion. The feeling when I make something I love is priceless to me, and then to have someone else love it too is just an amazing feeling and emotion to experience.

3. Where: I used to think I needed to be alone, the quiet, no drama, and perhaps I was tired of driving back and forth to my former studios.... And maybe the grass is greener on the other side. However, this year I am feeling reminiscent and I think I miss being around other creative spirits. I miss the unusual energy in my soul it used to give me... maybe it was a subtle form of being accountable, I cannot really explain, but I can compare, being in both situations on and off for many years I can appreciate "BOTH" situations. Today I long for the company of other artists physically around me. Working online only now changes the atmosphere a lot and it is a brand new playing field, I am slowly adapting and reevaluating my new life and my current needs.

4. When: I think I am most motivated to work in the evening. BUT. I am currently trying to change this habit. See ramblings here...

5. How: The obvious is personal fulfillment and then you have the ol’ pesky financial needs, the need to survive really makes a great motivator to work at times!

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  1. Its too bad we can't set up a virtual studio - you know, like if a whole bunch of us had webcams in our studios - it would kind of be like we were really there!

  2. yes it would be cool! in theory!
    as we'd prolly goof off way too much :P

  3. Neatly put Victoria! Your point about the difference between working on you own and amongst others is a good one, we all desire to be the jeweller in a workshop but it can be lonely if that's your everything.